Driver License Monitoring System

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Ongoing License Monitoring

Innovative system monitors employees' driver license continuously and notifies supervisors when new violations and suspensions appear in a driver's record - eliminating the need to wait until the next MVR check to find surprises.

System links directly with state's DMVs to monitor changes in driving records and find activities, such as DUIs, newly issued citations. Once violations are found, system sends automatic email alerts with new activities. Summary with new notifications can be accessed via our secured and robust user interface 24/7.

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Driver Management System

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline driver record management. Benefits include:

  • Nationwide driving record instant access
  • Driver and MVR Scoring
  • CDL medical certificate expiration notifications
  • Driver qualification management
  • Auto insurance expiration notifications
  • Custom reports


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How It Works

Driver Record Baseline

Initial driving record is processed for all drivers. System automatically scores all drivers using our MVR scoring criteria. Drivers with suspended/revoked licenses are flagged.

License Monitoring

Drivers are enrolled into driver record monitoring with each state licensing agency (DMV). Our customer support team will provide unlimited training on how to use the system.

Email Alerts

System automatically sends email alerts to supervisors when new information shows up in a driver's record. Changes may include: new moving violations, suspensions, DUI/DWI.

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