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Ongoing Driver Record Monitoring

Delivery companies need to ensure that goods are delivered to customers’ homes efficiently and safely. With multiple locations to cover in a day’s time, it's nearly impossible to track your drivers’ records all the time. Embark Safety's ongoing driver record monitoring solution provides peace of mind by ensuring that only the safest drivers are representing your company

Ongoing Driver Record Monitor

Are you waiting for the next annual driver record check to find surprises?

Ongoing Driver Record Monitoring eliminites the uncertainty of having unlicensed CDL drivers. The MVR system monitors driving records and notifies supervisors when there are new activities in the driving record, such new violations or suspensions.

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CDL Driver Monitoring Benefits

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline employee screening. Benefits include:

  • Nationwide MVR records
  • Automatic MVR pull scheduling
  • MVR Scoring
  • CDLIS and PSP reports
  • CDL medical certificate expiration notifications
  • DOT files management system
  • Heavy Truck Driver Training

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