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Fleet Driver License Monitoring

Fleet managers are faced with many responsibilities, and none of them are to be taken lightly. From setting clear performance expectations to monitoring motor vehicle records and verifying DOT compliance, their plates are full.

Embark Safety's technology offers the most comprehensive fleet & driver management solutions in the industry. We work with fleets of all sizes to identify risky drivers or behaviors that if left unnoticed could jeopardize public safety or a company's bottom line.

Driver MVR Monitoring System

Embark Safety's Driver Management System is a one-stop shop for monitoring your fleet's license status and DOT compliance. In addition to receiving email alerts whenever there's a change to a driver's record, like a DUI or Suspension, all relevant driver data is stored in a secure and robust system you can access 24/7 for easy review and reporting.

The system streamlines not only the administration of MVR reports, but also driver training, DOT qualification files, medical files and more.

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Benefits to Monitoring Drivers' Licenses

Our system provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline driver record screening process. Real-time notices sent to supervisor include:

  • Newly issued driver citations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Suspensions / Revocations
  • CDL medical certificate expirations
  • Driver license expirations
  • And more

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