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Public Sector Driver Record Monitoring

Local, county, state and federal government employees have the responsibility of avoiding negligent claims to protect taxpayers' dollars. It is likely that innocent injured parties will seek damages (and often be successful) against a negligent defendant, even if that defendant is a government employee

Embark Safety works with many government entities to enact driver safety programs consistent with standards in the fleet industry. Driver management solutions reduce the risk of vehicle accidents and the possibility of negligent driver lawsuits. We do this by proactively identifying risky drivers in real-time.

Driver Record Monitoring System

Embark Safety's technology connects with states' licensing agencies to monitor drivers' licenses continuously. Our system eliminates the risk of waiting until the next driver record check to find surprises, such as DUIs/DWIs, suspensions, etc. Once violations are found, system sends automatic email alerts with new activities. Summary with new notifications can be accessed via our secured and robust user interface 24/7.

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Benefits to Monitoring Drivers' Licenses

Our system provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline driver record screening process. Real-time notices sent to supervisor include:

  • Newly issued driver citations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Suspensions / Revocations
  • CDL medical certificate expirations
  • Driver license expirations
  • And more

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