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Ongoing Driver License Monitoring

When an emergency or non-emergency transportation service is out on the road, there's an expectation that the driver is qualified to be behind the wheel, in addition to possessing health-related competencies. Ignoring or dismissing health care workers' driving and/or DOT medical records could expose providers to liability, lawsuits and negative publicity.

Embark Safety's driver risk management solutions enable healthcare providers and integrated healthcare systems to proactively monitor employee driving records and receive email notifications when important driver record changes occur.

Ongoing License Monitoring

Embark Safety's technology connects directly to state's DMVs to monitor changes in real-time. When new activity, like violations, suspensions, DUIs are found, automatic email alerts are sent. There's no need to wait for the annual or periodic motor vehicle record check to find surprises any longer.

Our solutions are tailored to address specific areas of driver risk, improve driver safety and ensure DOT compliance. Insights from our MVR tracking system helps organizations improve safety profile by identifying risky drivers before it's too late.

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License Monitoring Benefits

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline employee screening. Benefits include:

  • Get real-time insights about driver status
  • Decrease liability and litigation risk
  • Save time-no more manually reviewing reports
  • Improve safety compliance
  • Avoid gaps in MVR reporting
  • Pinpoint risky drivers
  • Promote a true safety culture

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