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Driver Record Monitoring System

Service companies aim to hire the right personnel for the job. Unfortunately, employees are hired based on their work experience and driving happens to be a secondary task. This often exposes companies to drivers with poor driving habits, which leads to accidents and losses. Service companies need to emphasize to employees that driving is just as important as providing quality service. Additionally, if safety improvements are expected, companies not only need to improve their driver selection process, but also driver performance monitoring.

Ongoing Driver Record Monitor

Embark Safety's Driver Record Monitoring system provides a way to ensure drivers have a valid license all the time. System alerts managers whenever there is a change to any of the driving records, such as new convictions, suspensions, DUIs/DWIs and more.

Ongoing Driver Record Monitoring eliminites the uncertainty of having unlicensed CDL drivers. The MVR system monitors driving records and notifies supervisors when there are new activities in the driving record, such new violations or suspensions.

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Why Monitor Drivers' Records?

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline employee screening. Benefits include:

  • Reduce liability
  • Improve DOT compliance/li>
  • Increase fleet safety awareness
  • MVR nationwide accesss
  • Online Driver Training

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