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Transit Driver License Monitoring Solutions

Transit drivers transport millions of passengers each day and face the major responsibility do so safely. One minor oversight of a driver could result in an at-fault crash, which can translate to lawsuits, loss of life and negative publicity. Thus, supervisors of taxicabs, city buses and rail operations should be monitoring drivers' behaviors and licenses all the time.

Driver License Monitoring

Embark Safety helps private and public transit operators to proactively monitor driver license records and receive email notifications when changes occur. These changes include: newly issued driver citations, DUIs, revocations, suspensions, expirations and much more.

Our MVR monitoring system color codes reports based on the level of attention needed for easy review. These real-time updates help identify risky drivers (and get them off the road!) before it's too late.

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Why Monitor Drivers' License?

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline employee screening. Benefits include:

  • Get real-time insights about driver status
  • Decrease liability and litigation risk
  • Save time-no more manually reviewing reports
  • Improve safety compliance
  • Avoid gaps in reporting
  • Pinpoint risky drivers
  • Promote a true safety culture

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