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Trucking Driver Management Solutions

The driver shortage facing the commercial trucking industry today should not be a reason to overlook fleet safety. Despite a declining pool of drivers to choose from, rushing the initial pre-screening process or dismissing the importance of ongoing license monitoring of Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders is risky.

Embark Safety offers the most comprehensive driver management solutions for trucking companies. The MVR Monitoring Service provides real-time alerts whenever new violations or suspensions show up in a driver's MVR.

MVR Monitoring

Embark Safety developed a system that monitors employees' Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) continuously and notifies managers when new violations and suspensions appear in a driver's record.

MVR tracking system links directly with state's DMVs to monitor changes in MVRs and find activities, like new violations, suspensions, DUIs. Once violations are found, system sends automatic email alerts with new activities. Summary with new notifications can be accessed via our secured and robust user interface 24/7.

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CDL Driver Monitoring Benefits

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline driver record management. Benefits include:

  • Nationwide MVR records
  • Automatic MVR pull scheduling
  • MVR Scoring
  • CDLIS and PSP reports
  • CDL medical certificate expiration notifications
  • DOT files management system
  • Heavy Truck Driver Training

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