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Fleet Driver Continuous Record Monitoring

Utility drivers can often be on the road for a while providing communities with vital services such as power, natural gas and water. By leveraging innovative driver record monitoring solutions, fleet managers can rest assured knowing that their utility drivers have valid licenses all the time. This helps maintain the focus on the mission and customer experience.

Embark Safety helps public and private utilities to continuously monitor the Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) of their fleets to improve road safety and avoid costly insurance claims.

Continuous Driver Record Monitor

Embark Safety's technology, sends email alerts in real-time whenever there's a change in a driver's record, such as a DUI or suspension. Once violations are found, system sends automatic email alerts with new activities. Summary with new notifications can be accessed via our secured and robust user interface 24/7.

The system eliminates the risk of waiting until the next driver record check to find surprises. It also eliminates the administrative burden of manually checking reports.

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CDL Driver Monitoring Benefits

System provides an intuitive interface that allows administrators to streamline employee screening. Benefits include:

  • Nationwide MVR records
  • Automatic MVR pull scheduling
  • MVR Scoring
  • CDLIS and PSP reports
  • CDL medical certificate expiration notifications
  • DOT files management system
  • Heavy Truck Driver Training

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