Motor Vehicle Records

In addition to our Driver License Monitoring Service, Embark Safety provides direct access to driving records in all 50 states. System links to each state licensing agencies or DMVs to obtain the most up-to-date driver license information.

Driving records can be ordered online directly by selecting the State(s) that you are interested in ordering for. After an order is completed, you'll receive an email with the driving records that you ordered. Be aware that some states require a signed release form by each driver.

Embark Safety's MVR system provides instant and convenience access to MVRs. We use the system to conduct our commercial drivers' annual MVR checks, and to verify the driving history of new employees.

- Ellen Smith, RR Transport

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for pricing information. If you're looking to order more than 20 MVRs, Contact us to receive a customized quote for your organization

No, we can't process MVR for yourself. We only work with employers and insurance providers to obtain MVRs. You may want to contact the DMV in your state for a copy of your own driver record.

All MVR reports are converted to PDF to ease printing and archiving. Below is a sample of what our reports look like:

Sample Online MVR Report

ALABAMA - Driver Record ReportRep. Requested on: 1/27/2014

Birmingham, ALORLANDO, FL 32826
County: 02

License NumberLicense StateD.O.B.SexHGTWGTEyesHairRaceDonor

ClassOrig. IssueIssuedExpiresLicense Type
O - Any non-commercial vehicle except a motorcycle 03/01/200508/04/2010 


PointsC.D.L. IssuedC.D.L. Status

Issue DateConv DateDescriptionPoints
  - Permit Type: ID - Identification Card 
  - Permit Type: TPL - Temporary License 
  - Permit Class: O - Any non-commercial vehicle except a motorcycle 
  - Permit Status: U 

Issue DateRein DateDescriptionPoints
01/08/2010//REVO-POINTS 6 MO 
  - Miscellaneous: EY111320 
  - Rein Eligib Date: 07/08/2010 
  - Jurisdiction: AL 
07/02/2009 ADMIN LIC REVO-1 YR 
  - Miscellaneous: 05112009 
  - Rein Eligib Date: 07/02/2010 
  - Jurisdiction: AL 
06/13/2008 ADMIN LIC REVO-1 YR 
  - Miscellaneous: 06132008 
  - Rein Eligib Date: 06/13/2009 
  - Jurisdiction: AL 

Issue DateConv DateDescriptionPoints
08/26/200705/08/2008 0.0
- Incident
Description: DRV U/INFL-3RD
State Code:   ACD: A20
Statute Number:
Company Code:
Company Code Description:
  - County: Lancaster 
  - Commercial Vehicle: N 
  - Hazardous Materials: N 
  - Jurisdiction: NE 
  - Restore Date: // 
  - Court Type: COC - County Court 
  - Action Date: 05/08/2008 
  - Probation Time: 5 Years 
  - Withdrawal Date: // 
  - Withdrawal Time: 0 
  - Jail Time: 301 

Issue DateRein DateDescriptionPoints
01/13/2010 DIS/R DUI-1YR 
  - Sub Type: Withdrawal 
  - Jurisdiction: AL 
  - Elig Date: 01/13/2011 
  - EventType: WITHDRAWAL 

Alert: Requested first name(CARL) did not match. Requested last name(ROBERTS) did not match. Requested date of birth(060676) did not match.
PriorState: MO
PriorDlNumber: G02073813
License Pickup Order: N
First Duplicate Issue Date: 01/05/10
TSA HazMat Assessment: Y
TSA HazMat Assessment Date: 10/23/08
SR-22 Required Date: 06/30/2013

Motor vehicle records (MVR) are considered Consumer Reports, which fall with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FCRA is designed primarily to protect the privacy of consumer report information and to guarantee that the information supplied by consumer reporting agencies is as accurate as possible.

For Employers: As an employer, you may use consumer reports when you hire new employees and when you evaluate employees for promotion, reassignment, and retention - as long as you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Sections 604, 606, and 615 of the FCRA spell out your responsibilities when using consumer reports for employment purposes. Before you can get a consumer report for employment purposes, you must notify the individual in writing - in a document consisting solely of this notice - that a report may be used. You also must get the person's written authorization before you ask Embark Safety for the report. What Employers Need to Know

For Insurance providers: As an insurer, you may use consumer reports to underwrite insurance policies and to screen high-risk applicants - as long as you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is designed to protect the privacy of consumer report information and to guarantee that the information supplied by credit reporting agencies (CRAs) is as accurate as possible. Consumer reports may include information on an applicant's credit history, medical conditions, driving record, criminal activity, and hazardous sports. Amendments to the FCRA, which went into effect September 30, 1997, increase the legal obligations of insurers who use consumer reports. What Insurers Need to Know

MVR results are instant in 48 states. Depending on the size of your order, most MVR results are returned within seconds.
100% of information in the MVR comes directly from each state’s DMV. Embark Safety doesn't have a database of drivers or manipulate any information. However, there could mistakes or typos in the information that's reported in the driver record. Contact us if you believe that the MVR is missing information or if some information is incorrect. We can dispute any inquiries directly with the state's DMV if you have proof that the MVR is indeed incorrect.

Embark Safety doesn't offer refunds on MVRs that have been processed. States’ DMVs charge us regardless of the outcome in the MVR – even when the driver is not found in their system. Before ordering a MVR, make sure that the license number, full name and date of birth match exactly what's on the driver’s license.