Driver File Manager: What Is It & How Can It Help Me?

Driver Files, Notes, Reminders…oh My!

Think about what are you still tracking via excel spreadsheets? Whether you employ 5 to 500 drivers, there is always an upcoming expiration for something. Keeping track of it all is much easier with the right tools in place.

Replace the “old way” of managing driver files and important expirations with a smart digital file management system. You’ll be able to easily “Set and Forget” important dates you need to be reminded of and so much more.

Driver File Manager: What is it?

Driver File Manager is designed to simplify your driver record management. It’s a feature of our MVR Monitoring software and it lets you manage your driver files in a secure platform available 24/7 from any device. Not only can you add and archive as many files as you’d like, but you can also add notes or set reminders with just one click.

Examples of files you can upload include:

  • Driver application for employment
  • Driver consent form
  • The initial MVR
  • Certificate of road test
  • The MVR used for the annual review
  • Certificate of violations
  • Medical forms

How does An Electronic File Manager System Help Me?

By digitizing your driver files, there’s no more need for the time-consuming paper logs and filing cabinet system. The technology helps you minimize the chance of someone with an invalid record falling through the cracks. Manually reviewing data via excel leaves room for human error and can also be labor-intensive.

  • Never Miss Another Expiration: You can set reminders and be alerted via email 30, 60 or 90 days in advance before important expirations. You can also check your dasboards to see who is coming up on expiration any time.
  • Manage your risk:  Prevent the dreaded nuclear verdict from happening at your
    company. Stay in the know of important changes in your employees’ driving records and qualification files.
  • Stay Compliant: Easily manage and maintain a complete list of files ready to pass any internal safety audit or FMCSA audit.

It‘s Not Just For DQ Files!

The kinds of reminders you can set are limitless. Common examples include:

  • Insurance renewal dates
  • Medical Card Expiration
  • Car registration renewal date
  • Certifications/ Trainings
  • Covid vaccination status or testing

Bottom line

A smart file management system helps organizations meet the necessary requirements to operate safely on the roads and avoid finding out the hard way that a driver shouldn’t have been operating a vehicle.

Embark Safety’s MVR Monitoring system is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage driver risk using continuous MVR monitoring, driver file manager and online fleet training.

Want to see how a File Manager system together with MVR monitoring can help your team? Let’s Talk!

*We are not lawyers. Consult with your legal counsel to ensure your processes and procedures meet/ or exceed safety standards and compliance regulations. Please read our legal disclaimer.

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