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Before checking your employees’ driving records, you need their signed consent. This is because MVRslike criminal history and credit checks are personal data protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  If employees feel their rights are violated, they can sue. And they do. In recent years, FCRA violations increased 300% with a fine of $100-$1,000 per violation.

Increase your compliance (and save time) by digitizing and automating your MVR consent forms. 

MVR Consent Form

We Offer Electronic MVR Consent Forms

Our E- MVR consent form lets you request and receive authorization from employees by phone or computer. 

First, we create a custom link using your company logo and information. Next, you send it to your employees for signature. Then, upon approval, the signed consent form is automatically converted to PDF and archived under our File Manager database. 

There’s no need to get your employees to sign a paper consent form. 


Fully customizable
Automatic Archiving
Review and Approval Workflow
Encrypted Form
FCRA & BCFP Compliant
Signature Tracking

MVR Compliance: Simplified

In addition to saving time and trees, our E-MVR consent form is customizable to meet your needs.

Many customers use the digital forms to streamline other HR, fleet or risk management workflows. For example, you may also choose to also have vehicle policies signed by all existing employees. We strongly suggest all companies have a vehicle policy and we can even provide a sample one for you. 

Gaining consent shouldn’t be something you fear or stress about. We can help.




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