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MVR Monitoring system monitors employees’ motor vehicle records continuously and sends email notifications with new activities, such as new violations, suspensions, DUIs, CDL disqualifications, and much more.

It only takes one employee with a suspended license to jeopardize the reputation of any company. Ongoing driver license monitoring removes the uncertainty between driving record checks and provides real-time information.

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Driver Management Simplified

Intuitive MVR monitoring dashboard spots negative trends, such as accumulated convictions, suspensions, accidents, expired licenses and CDL medical certificates.

Whether you have 5 to 50,000 drivers, we can help you. Join our list of over 1,000 customers nationwide.

How To Get Started With MVR Monitoring

Drivers scored according to license status.

Driver Record Base Line

Initial driving record is processed for all drivers. System automatically scores all drivers using our MVR scoring criteria.

MVR Monitoring System

Drivers are enrolled into driver record monitoring with each state licensing agency (DMV). 

Email Alerts

System automatically sends email alert notifications to supervisors when new information shows up in a driver’s record. 

See How It Works

Innovative technology monitors driving records continuously.

What To Expect

Core Features

Real-Time Notifications

Receive real-time email notifications when changes occur to driving records, such as new moving violations, suspensions, DWIs.

Nationwide MVR Coverage

MVR Monitoring system connects directly to all state DMVs for instant access to driving records nationwide, U.S. territories, and Canadian provinces.

MVR Driver Scoring

Our technology scores MVRs based on violations, suspensions and accidents data. Scoring pinpoints high-risk drivers.

Email Reminders

System can be setup to send email reminders for driver license, CDL medical certificate, and insurance expirations.

Document Management

Documents can be archived, such as driver consent forms, drive qualification files, CDL medical examiner certificates, EPN forms, etc.

Custom Reports

Dashboard is customizable and provides a glance into the company’s risk profile, including location/division reports.

More than 1,000 Companies Use Our Technology

  • “Embark Safety is a valued partner and biggest asset in our company’s driver management program. We rely on their system to keep us compliant with DOT Rules and Regulations for MVR’s, annual reviews, medical certificates and safety training.”

    Operations Assistant
  • “I have found the Embark system to work exactly as advertised. The system is easy to manage, and there have been situations in which we have learned about employees having their license suspended before they did. I would gladly recommend Embark to my peers.”

    City of WS
    Risk Manager
  • “Embark Safety has provided invaluable customer service and resources as our organization has transitioned to a Fleet Program. The Dashboard and online functionality are easy to navigate and use.”

    Mannkind Corporation
    Director Commercial Excellence
  • “The absolute best result is the employees love this service. They will send me thank you notes telling me they had no idea their license was suspended. It’s been great for morale. I expected them to get defensive, but I was wrong!”

    Reedy Creek
    Risk Manager
  • “One of the things I most value are the nearly instant MVR reports. This prevents a bottleneck of the recruiting process and allows me to determine if there are disqualifying issues before incurring the expense of the criminal background check.”

    Green Lawn Fertilizing
    Risk Manager
  • “Embark Safety’s MVR system provides instant and convenience access to MVRs. We use the system to conduct our commercial drivers’ annual MVR checks, and to verify the driving history of new employees.”

    Tech Systems
    Vice President
  • “I can tell with certainty that our drivers have developed new skills to be safer on the road and to pay better attention to their surroundings in order to avoid accidents.”

    Shred Works
    Risk Managers

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Learn more about how Embark Safety’s MVR Monitoring can support your business and your drivers.

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