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MVRs can change in an instant

Our MVR Monitoring system sends you email alerts when new violations, suspensions, DUIs, disqualifications, etc. show up on your employees’ driving records.

It only takes one employee with a suspended license to jeopardize the reputation of your company. Ongoing checks remove the uncertainty between periodic MVR reviews and provide critical real-time information.

driver management simplified

See how MVR Monitoring works

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 drivers, we help you go from overwhelm to ease regarding your driver record review. See how MVR Monitoring can support your business and your drivers.

MVR Monitoring Activity

MVR Scoring

Protect your organization with Continuous MVR Monitoring

MVR smart scoring automatically breaks down your drivers based on their risk level. This reduces your chances of keeping unqualified drivers on the road.

MVR Monitoring technology enables you to ensure your drivers meet company or insurance requirements.

“The Embark Safety dashboard makes the monitoring process so easy for my team and myself.”
—Payroll Manager

MVR Real-Time Alerts

Know as driving records change

When a serious driver infraction occurs, you need to be able to take action immediately.

MVR Monitoring intuitive dashboards and notifications help you spot and monitor negative trends, like new violations, convictions, accidents, points, expired licenses and more.

MOtor Vehicle Records

Meet federal and state regulations

Unlock access to nationwide driving records.

Simplify and automate processes for DOT compliance, annual employee reviews, and pre-hire checks.

MVR Monitoring-Request MVR

Explore MVR Monitoring features

Manage driver documentation

Archive driver qualification files, CDL medical certificates, EPN forms, etc.

Easily get drivers’ consent

Request and receive authorization from employees by phone or computer.

Target driver deficiencies

Help your drivers anticipate, identify, and prevent road driving hazards.

MVR Monitoring Reduce Accident Risk

Why Monitor continuously?

Your drivers represent your business

  • Traffic related accidents cost businesses $72 billion in 2019.
  • Large settlements of over $10 million have increased by 1000% in the last few years.
  • Poor driver history is the principal cause of employer negligence and extremely high jury awards.

Improve safety, maintain compliance, and reduce liability with MVR Monitoring

Manage Employees

It’s easy to add new employees or deactivate old ones.

Track Driver Performance

Pull reports to share internally or with your insurance partner.

Set Reminders

Get reminded before licenses and medical certifications expire.

What our customers say

”We are required to maintain monitoring and reporting to be compliant. This system allows us to capture driving issues, allows us to set an annual schedule, and includes DOT medical certificates. This system is our go-to for everything and many of our other reports spin-off from this system.”

Dawn D.
DOT Compliance & Administration Manager I Bridgestone HosePower

One-stop risk management solution for all MVR needs

Monitor driving records, track driver performance and assign online driver training, all in a same place.

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