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Skyrocketing auto insurance losses

The auto insurance industry is experiencing the highest rates in history. One reason why is because of rising litigation costs from auto accidents.

Most vehicle accidents are preventable. With the right safety solutions in place, you can empower your customers to identify patterns of risky driving before it’s too late.

Learn how MVR Monitoring technology can help reduce the risk of accidents.

Help proactively manage your clients’ risk

Some drivers are simply more likely to get into accidents than others. From delivery drivers to employees who run errands with a company or personal vehicle— they all present different levels of risk.


Drivers with suspended licenses are 14x more likely to get into an accident.

$60 Million

Motor vehicle accidents cost employers $60 Million.


Premiums are expected to continuously increase 6 – 12% annually.


Minimize your insureds exposure with MVR Monitoring

MVR Monitoring technology provides continuous alerts when new violations and suspensions appear in a driver’s record.

  • Provide protection to your customers by reducing risk and liability
  • Empower clients to proactively assess their own risk and company reputation
  • Offer a beneficial service, pricing structure, and support for your clients
  • API, HRIS and Payroll system integrations

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“Our clients have been asking us for MVR Monitoring for many years. They enjoy the product and we enjoy the system and the relationship with Embark. Their client service is spectacular.”

Kaymee P.
Director Product Management I Validity Screening Solutions

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