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High-risk drivers cause more accidents and liabilities

Do you know if all your drivers have valid driving records right now? If it’s been a while since the last MVR check, your company may be at risk without your knowing it.

Avoid surprises and start receiving near real-time notifications when your employees’ license status changes.

Risky drivers cause accidents
Drive Record Monitoring alerts
Driver License Monitoring new alert
Driver Record Monitoring- mvr scoring

Find out when driving records change

Driver License Monitoring technology connects directly to states’ DMVs and continuously checks for changes in driving records, including license status and medical cards.

Easy access to nationwide motor vehicle records

Driver License Monitoring platform gives you instant access to Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) across all states including Canadian provinces and U.S. territories.

New MVR activity notification
New MVR activity notification
Embark Safety training assigned to employee after lesson
Embark Safety Lesson Started

Assign and track online fleet driver training

Interactive training sessions integrated within our Driver License Monitoring solution help your drivers anticipate, identify, and prevent road driving hazards.

See how our customers have transformed their safety programs

mange compliance Driver License Monitoring

Assess your risk. Know where your drivers stand.

Your approach to risk should be proactive, not reactive.

With MVR Monitoring technology you get the most updated driver record data to make smarter decisions on who should be driving for you.

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