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Never miss important driver files

Managing Driver Qualification Files (DQs) can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The average fine for a violation is over $600.

The complete DQ file is meant to prove that your drivers are fit to be behind the wheel.  Failure to properly maintain all the required documents is risky. Not only does it lead to FMCSA fines and jeopardize DOT Compliance, but it can even shut down your company.


An integrated platform to increase safety, efficiency
and compliance

DQF Checklist + MVR Monitoring

Focus on safety, not files

Our DQF Checklist tool, seamlessly integrated within our MVR Monitoring platform, simplifies driver file management and guarantees effortless compliance.

Easily pinpoint employees in need of DQF reviews due to incomplete or expired documentation. Plus, set reminders for key dates or renewals of medical certificates, MVRs, drug tests, and beyond.

Discover how our driver safety solutions work together.


Collect forms and manage files

Organize and store any important documentation
such as medical forms, training certificates, insurance
renewal, vehicle registration and more.

You can choose to create custom categories and pull reports within a few clicks. All files are accessible from any device and are ready to be downloaded, saved, and shared as needed.


Meet FMCSA regulations and
internal driver policies requirements

Managing renewable and DOT-required driver documentation
is tedious and time-consuming, but slipping out of compliance
can result in violations, fines, or expensive lawsuits.

Don’t wait until a DOT audit or until your CSA score is affected
to fully optimize and simplify your Driver Qualification
File management.

MVR DOT-required driver documentation

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