Driver Qualification File Management

Driver Qualification (DQ) File

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Are you still struggling to manage your drivers' DQ files?

Managing Driver Qualification Files (DQs) can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, the average fine for a violation is over $600.

The complete DQ file is meant to prove that your drivers are fit to be behind the wheel.  Failure to properly maintain all the required documents is risky. Not only does it lead to FMCSA fines and  jeopardize DOT compliance, but it can even shutdown your company.

DQ files

Digitize and Save Time with DQ File Manager

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Mitigate Driver Risk with DQ File Automation

By digitizing all your files, you have more control to zone in which drivers are more at risk, or requiring special attention. 

Also, by integrating all DQ files into one simple to navigate system, you can create custom categories and pull reports on status with just a few clicks. 


Proactively Monitor Driving Records & Increase Compliance

Manually maintaining and updating all of your drivers’ files can strain your organization’s resources to the limit.

By combining your MVR monitoring and DQ files in one system, you can shift focus to other important areas of your business. 

Medical Certificate Alert

Focus on Safety, not on Files.

Automating the process comes with many benefits, like getting email notifications when a driver’s license or medical card is due to expire. You can be notified at 30, 60 or 90 days in advance.

Don’t wait until a DOT audit or until your CSA score is affected to fully optimize and simplify your Driver Qualification File management.

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