MVR Monitoring Cost vs. Annual MVRs

Wondering what the cost for MVR Monitoring is? If you are considering implementing a driver record monitoring service, we have done some research for you to compare the costs and benefits.

The Current Requirement: One MVR a Year

The Department of Transportation requires companies with CDL drivers to check their employees’ MVRs every 12 months (Section 391.25). This regulation has been in effect without any change for over two decades. However, an annual MVR might no longer be enough. This is because a company might be required to pull an additional MVR when the driver renews his/her medical certificate. This means that you might now be pulling bi-annual MVRs. Let’s examine the cost:

Tablet showing the cost for MVR Monitoring

The national average for an MVR is $10. California being the lowest ($2.00) and Oklahoma the highest ($27.50). For a company with 100 drivers, that’s $1000/year * 2 times or $2,000. *See the MVR prices by state as fees differ.

Keep in mind, not only does this cost not account for the time it takes to review every single MVR, but also that an MVR is a snapshot in time. A valid license today, does not equate a valid license tomorrow. What happens if your driver gets a suspended license the week after you pulled an MVR and didn’t tell you about it? If you are lucky, he or she skates by undetected until the next MVR check. The alternative could also happen. They could continue to drive with an invalid license while putting other lives in jeopardy and potentially tarnish your company’s image and bottom line.

Unanticipated Costs

If your company is charged for negligence with hiring or retaining unfit drivers, the costs could be astronomical. The final tally could reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars depending on severity. Costs include negligence lawsuits, medical bills and emotional distress.

Another Solution: MVR Monitoring

Technology has advanced since the DOT regulation from 1998, offering companies a second option that is increasingly becoming the new standard: Continuous MVR Monitoring. This service connects directly to state DMVs and provides companies with real-time alerts whenever there is a change to a driver’s record, such as a DUI, suspension, new violation, etc. This automates the driver record review process and provides peace of mind that drivers have valid licenses all the time.

The cost for MVR monitoring is on average between $12-$15/yearly. So, for the company with 100 drivers, it would cost about $1,200-$1,500/ year.

Are you interested in getting a quote for your organization? Talk to us about which option might be best for you, terms of risk management, cost-effectiveness, and overall efficiency.

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