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Spot negative driving record changes with MVR Monitoring

The status of driving records can shift in a blink of an eye, even right after an annual MVR check. If one of your employees receives a DUI, it could go unnoticed for months or even a year.

With MVR Monitoring technology, you reduce the risk of having drivers with negative histories representing your business on the roads.

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The faster you are aware of driver citations, suspensions and other negative events the faster you can address the problem and take action. Mitigate driver risk by monitoring driving records continuously and receiving alerts when new convictions, DUIs and suspensions occur.

MVR near Real-Time Alerts

Know as driving records change

When a serious driver infraction occurs, you need to be able to take action immediately.

MVR Monitoring intuitive dashboards and notifications help you spot and monitor negative trends, like new violations, convictions, accidents, points, expired licenses and more.

“The Embark Safety dashboard makes the monitoring process so easy for my team and myself.”
—Payroll Manager

MVR Scoring

Identify your high-risk drivers and reduce the likelihood of accidents

MVR smart scoring automatically breaks down your drivers based on their risk level. This reduces your chances of keeping unqualified drivers on the road.

MVR Monitoring technology enables you to ensure your drivers meet company, federal and insurance requirements.

“This system is integral to our business, helping us to maintain compliance with State and Federal regulations.”
Operations Assistant

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How MVR Monitoring Works

Mitigate driver risk

By monitoring your drivers continuously, you learn about driver violations much sooner than you would with just the annual MVR. This allows you to remove risky driver from the road and apply corrective actions fast.

Eliminate surprises

With continuous driver monitoring technology, you stop relying on periodic checks or self-reporting practices alone. You reduce your company’s chance of having unqualified drivers on the road without your knowledge.

Protect your brand

 Your drivers represent your business on the road. Being proactive when it comes to safety helps your organization identify patterns of risky driving before it’s too late. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous License monitoring technology reports on convicted violations. Examples include speeding, improper or illegal maneuvers such as reckless driving, failure to obey a stop sign, running a red light and following too close, etc. The system also monitors changes in license status like suspensions or revocations. Information reported varies by state*

Continuous license monitoring can satisfy annual MVR check requirements (in most states); eliminating the costs associated with pulling and reviewing the MVRs. For companies that are subject to federal and/or state motor carrier safety regulations,  driver monitoring offers additional reporting functionalities to help manage license and medical card expirations, driver qualification files, and more.

We, at Embark Safety, pride ourselves on being a cost-effective provider. When providing a quote for your organization, we’d look at the whole picture of your company to make sure we can offer the lowest price possible.

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